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Your Own Home at Bella Vida Orlando

Three Bedroom Homes, fully furnished, with everything you need.
Inside Bella Vida Resort, the most complete resort community in Orlando.
In a privileged location, lying just a few minutes from the gates of Disney World.
The community is an oasis of tranquility and security,
with plenty of space and enviable recreational facilities.
Bella Vida is one of the most successful upscale resort communities in Central Florida.

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You Only Purchase Your Vacation Period

You no longer need to purchase a holiday home at Bella Vida that stays empty most of the year. With Signum Vacation Ownership you only buy the house for the period of time you need for your holidays.
If you take only three weeks of holidays per year, you can purchase the house for just three weeks per year.
Thus, you pay a much lower purchase price and only pay taxes and maintenance costs for the period you bought.

More than 1.5 million families own a vacation ownership property in Orlando

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Signum Vacation Ownership


You Can Use Your Home All Over The World

Paris, Aruba, Vail, Miami, Greece, or wherever your dreams can take you. When you don't want to go to Orlando, you can exchange your home for upscale accommodations in more than 4500 condominiums, hotels and resorts, in more than 100 countries around the world, through the RCI exchange program.
Prepare yourself for a new lifestyle. From now on you will travel much more, all over the world, and spending much less.

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The RCI Exchange Program


All of it With Great Savings

When you purchase your Signum Vacation Ownership, you save up to 80% of the purchase price compared to a conventional house for the average period of time actually used.
To maintain a Vacation Ownership property, you spend only about 20% of the average cost of maintaining a conventional home for the period of time actually used.
When you use the RCI exchange program, your investment can pay for itself in only a few years.

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There's No Better Time To Buy it!

With several promotions and incentives going on, there is no better time to act. From discounts, to free travel, to financing. Check out what's reserved for you, and don't miss the opportunity of purchasing you own Orlando home for a fraction of the price.

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Signum Vacation Ownership.

Much More than a Vacation Home Investment .

It's an Investment in your Quality of Life!

Your House in Orlando

Signum Vacation Ownership Family

Orlando is a Paradise for Vacation Homes

Florida is the mecca for tourists purchasing holiday homes abroad. And Orlando is where all the fun is. The problem is that good houses in Orlando start at over US$ 250,000.00. And in the end, you will use it only for two or three weeks per year.


But It's Too Much Money For Very Little Use

Vacation homes remain empty for most of the time, and the expenses with association dues, taxes and maintenance do not stop year round. If you decide to rent out the house, you exponentiate the need for replacements, repairs and renovations, diluting any potential monetary return.


Buy a Home Just For the Time You Need

How about buying a vacation home only for the time that actually need it? Holiday Ownership at Signum Bella Vida Orlando: your 3 bedrooms home, furnished and decorated, inside the most complete resort community in Orlando, for a fraction of the price of a conventional house.

For Much Less

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Paying Only A Fraction of the Price

As the price is shared between several owners, you pay the price of a inexpensive house, but acquires an upscale property. In the end, you will enjoy the house for the same amount of time you would enjoy if you had bought the whole conventional house. This way, you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the purchase price.


And Spending Much Less to Maintain It

You also save thousands of dollars a year in taxes, association dues and maintenance, as these costs are proportional to the fraction of the house you bought. Better yet, at Signum Bella Vida you do not have to worry about maintenance, cleaning, repairs, painting, renovations or home appliance replacement. All of this is managed by a timeshare hotel management company.

On average, the cost of maintaining a Signum Vacation Ownership property is 80% less than the cost of maintaining an entire conventional house for the same period actually used.


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Signum Resorts is a leader in timeshare sales in Florida, with over 25 years of experience and thousands of owner clients around the world.

Signum Bella Vida: your own Disney home, with the amenities of a hotel, and only for the period that you need it!

Now you know how to buy a home in Orlando!

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